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WCA Newsletter (January 2022)

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Dear Wildlife Conservation Community,

Looking back on the past two years, we are so proud of how far we've come and humbled by the support we've received. We are so excited to start the new year after a successful fundraising season and continue all of our programming. Thank you for being a part of it!

This year, we are most looking forward to get back in touch with the community, returning to in-person events and keep sharing all of the amazing materials we've developed over the past two years. We hope you'll follow along and join us in the movement to inspire our global community to reconnect and live in balance with nature.


Program Updates

Water Quality

We reached our goal to continue testing for Fecal coliform bacteria and add testing for Enterococcus in 2022. We published a Wastewater Guide and other resources for the community to address wastewater issues. In addition to weekly monitoring at three locations in Nosara, we are working with Ridge to Reefs to install a test biogarden and educate the community about this option for improving your septic drain field. Learn more about this project and get the latest results on Swim Guide and Instagram Stories.

Nosara Biodiversity Project

Our project page has now grown to over 5,500 observations of over 1,200 different species! We published a local species ID guide and Sustainable Home Guide along with other resources on our program page. We will be installing camera traps this year in collaboration with local hotels, schools, and protected areas to monitor terrestrial mammals in the area. We've also established a partnership with Mango Realty to increase the reach of our educational materials for a sustainable Nosara.

Sea Turtles & Marine Monitoring

We are finally installing the marine buoy to monitor temperature and other oceanographic variables this month! You'll be able to see a live feed of the data here soon. We also have funding for several expeditions to conduct marine surveys and collect footage of the local marine protected area. Check out our new report form to submit observations of sea turtle nests in Nosara.


We are excited to start hosting in-person community events again this year, including a BioBlitz event at the tide pools. To reach a broader audience, the Virtual Field School course is transitioning to an asynchronous, continuously rolling course and will be available soon in English and Spanish. Follow us on social media to see all of the educational materials we've been developing.

Thousands of Turtles Tours

Our website has gained a lot of attention and tours are booking fast! We are offering the arribada experience and boat trips by private tour only. We have also adapted our tour offerings to include several hands-on experiences for visitors who want to get involved with and contribute to our programs more directly. Learn more at


Follow us to see more of our educational videos!

Your Support Can Take Us Even Further!

We are excited to return to full-operation after a successful fundraising season. The past two years have shown us just how far every penny goes and we want to continue expanding our impact.

Our work is made possible by your generous contributions!

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