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WCA Newsletter (November 2023)

Updated: Jan 8

Dear Wildlife Conservation Community,

Welcome to our latest quarterly update! We're thrilled to present the remarkable progress made by WCA in the past three months, thanks to our community's unwavering support. Join us as we explore the program highlights, focusing on our mission to protect wildlife and our continuous fundraising efforts. Together, let's rejoice in the meaningful strides we're taking toward a more sustainable Nosara.


Program Updates

Water Quality

  • A warm welcome to Leigh Ann Margolin and Sabrina Kyburg, who have joined the team behind getting you weekly water quality results!

  • We hosted a community event in collaboration with the Nosara Civic Association in August with great attendance from local ASADA representatives. We will be working together to distribute educational flyers and information on social media regarding water management and conservation practices.

  • We've launched the Water section of, where you can find information and resources to protect our water in Nosara

  • Follow us on social media for weekly water quality updates posted every Thursday.


  • We continue to collect exciting observations of wildlife including more observations of Coyote, Gray fox, and Ocelot in areas right near development.

  • We will be adding additional camera trap stations in the dry season, including some in areas reforested by Costas Verdes.

  • Check out our iNaturalist page and follow us on social media to see the latest observations of wildlife in the area.

Marinelife Program

  • A warm welcome to Alexis Finley, Scott Grice, Freddy Daues, Lissa Eidelman, and Daniel Hewison who have joined our turtle monitoring team! These volunteers conduct morning surveys to report sea turtle sightings and threats to sea turtles on the beach.

  • We've conducted 42 surveys and observed 16 nests in Pelada and Guiones so far this year.

  • Unfortunately, the buoy was vandalized again and recovered on the beach in October. We are evaluating next steps for the repair and reinstallation in 2024.

Image of an Ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) from a camera trap located on private land in Esperanza.

Additional Resources at

We are excited to announce the launch of the Spanish translation and Water section of, your guide to all things sustainable in Nosara!

More Funding Received for Precious Plastic Nosara!

The WCA secured an additional $2000 in funding from the Harmony Fund to cover the cost of machines and molds for the Precious Plastic project. This collaboration with the Nosara Recycling Association will recycle plastic into products that will be sold to ensure ongoing recycling in our community.


Year-End Fundraising Finale! Get to know our Giving Campaign and the new arrivals for turtle lovers!

As the year draws to a close, we're thrilled to reach our final fundraising goal. We couldn't do it without you! We want to invite you, in this season of giving and receiving, to give back a bit of the magic nature shares with us! Here are two ways to support our work:

Our annual Giving campaign

In this last sprint, we aim to raise $16,000 by year-end. Choose to support weekly water testing, marine life, or the camera trap project. There's something for everyone, and every contribution counts!

Latest Arrivals - Items that make great gifts for turtle lovers!

Explore our new collection in the store with items for all ages. Get yours now before they swim away!

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