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WCA Quarterly Newsletter (January 2024)

To our Wildlife Conservation Community,

Welcome to our latest quarterly update! This 7-minute read will offer insights into the standout achievements from our 2023 annual report, showcasing strides in programs dedicated to preserving wildlife in Nosara. We'll spotlight key highlights, emphasizing our steadfast commitment to wildlife protection and outlining our aspirations for 2024.



Water Quality Program

  • Monitoring: 49 weeks of rigorous testing, analyzing 356 samples across 4 locations for Fecal coliform & Enterococcus.

  • Publications & Engagements: Released a comprehensive 6-month report, launched, participated in 3 impactful talks, hosted 1 community event. Also, excited to share 4 newsletters and 2 engaging blogs.

  • Media Spotlight: Proudly featured on Nosara Podcast & La Voz de Guanacaste.

  • Grant Milestone: Our grant to install and test nature-based wastewater treatment solutions is in its final stages and will launch soon, a significant achievement!

Biodiversity Program:

  • Observations: During 2023 we recorded a staggering 1750 observations, discovering 51 mammal species, engaging in 12586 community observations, and cataloging 1844 bird species.

  • Camera Traps: Meticulously managed 16 traps, sharing discoveries on iNaturalist, while installing new cameras to bolster our monitoring efforts.

  • Dynamic Collaborations: Flourishing partnerships with Mango Realty, Century 21, Nosara Civic Association, Del Mar Academy, Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, & Harmony Hotel.

Marinelife Program

  • Surveys & Insights: Conducted 101 surveys across 65 sea turtle events (2022-2023), uncovering concerning statistics – 60% illegal take, 554 dogs, 24 vehicles, and 17 bonfires.

  • Turtle Monitoring: Inspiring figures - 81% Olive Ridley, 3 Pacific Green, and 1 Leatherback turtles sighted.

  • In-depth Analysis: Revived the marine buoy, enabling live access to oceanographic data at

  • Educational Outreach: Introduced engaging educational tools like a program page, Sea Turtle ID Guide, Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Flyer, and the empowering Lights Out Campaign.

Educational Program

Impactful Education: Empowered 225 students through 10 enriching talks and 2 community events, delving into crucial topics on Water Quality & Wastewater Solutions, Biodiversity, Sea Turtles, Conservation & Sustainability.

Sustainable Development:

  • Building Bridges: Strengthened ties with developers & landowners, while marking a milestone with the launch of the Sustainable Business Certification Program.

  • Digital Launch: Proudly presented, our vibrant platform dedicated to advancing sustainability.

In 2024, we're aiming high with these goals, and we need everyone's support!

  • For Water Quality, we're expanding tests, installing eco-friendly solutions, and planning educational tours.

  • In Biodiversity, we're adding more camera traps, hosting events, and teaming up with partners for educational nature tours.

  • Our Marine Life efforts involve exciting research expeditions, engaging local fishing communities, and maintaining our marine buoy.

  • Education-wise, get ready for our Virtual Field School, talks, and content in two languages!

  • And in Sustainable Tourism & Development, we're revamping tours, supporting the Refuge, growing certifications, expanding, and starting monitoring in new areas


This is only possible thanks to you!

Overflowing gratitude to our generous donors and the remarkable commitment of over 20 volunteers, dedicating 250+ hours of hard work and the unwavering community support. Your dedication fuels our progress, and we're deeply grateful for it!

Want to get involved while preserving wildlife?

Thanks to your donations and support, we keep the mentioned programs running for our community. Today is your day to make a difference in wildlife preservation! We need you on board! 🌿🐢💚

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