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Blue Ring, Inc. makes $10.000 donation to the WCA

We are excited to announce that the Wildlife Conservation Association has received a $10.000 donation from Blue Ring, Inc., a Benefit Corporation founded by Alexandra Rose.

Blue Ring provides a fun, inexpensive and accessible way to get involved in ocean conservation by creating a new membership-based program. Through this membership, Blue Ring donors can“marry” the sea, as well as partner with organizations that share their same values.

Each year, 75% of Blue Ring’s proceeds are donated to a different non-profit with a focus on ocean conservation. After visiting Nosara + Ostional and learning firsthand from Dr. Vanessa Bezy about the work, Blue Ring selected the Wildlife Conservation Association as this year’s recipient!

With their generous contribution, as well as other other donations received in 2019, we’ve been able to securely fund the Nosara Water Quality Program for the coming year. This initiative will inform + educate on safe beach going practices, aquatic recreation and lead to increased awareness of regional water quality issues.

These funds will also support our current efforts to better understand underwater sea turtle behavior as well as facilitate the purchase of research equipment, including accessories to operate the ROV underwater drone, generously donated by Sofar Ocean through the National Geographic S.E.E. Initiative last year. This footage will not only be crucial for research purposes, but will also create additional educational materials that can be shared across our different programs.

"We'd like to take the opportunity to thank every person and organization that has supported and contributed to the organization’s growth in the last year. We look forward to inspiring change this year! "

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