Our dream is to establish a Center that will house all our current programs

and serve as an inspiration for sustainable living through wildlife conservation,

research, community engagement and immersive educational experiences.


The Center will bring the local, expat and tourist communities and initiatives together

to protect the environment and improve the quality of life in the area.

WCA Founder, Vanessa Bezy, presenting her talk "Sea turtle sanctuary under threat" in Ostional, Nosara, Costa Rica, at National Geographic Headquarters


The construction and initial operating costs for the Center will be generated

by a capital campaign to be undertaken during 2020.

At present, the Campaign is seeking major, lead donors interested in putting their stamp on the initiative.

Donations are tax-deductible in Costa Rica, the United States, and Canada through our fiscal sponsorships

Proposed Facilities

Located at the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, the Center's facilities themselves will demonstrate cutting-edge sustainable design, construction and operation to visitors and the community.


A national competition will be organized in Costa Rica to determine

the design of the buildings and landscape.

Visitor Information Center

  • Reception desk

  • Staging area for tours

  • Educational exhibits

  • Theater (150 person capacity)

  • Gift shop, coffee shop and juice bar

Campaign Timeline

Fundraising will determine whether or at which pace we procceed.

Financial Sustainability

The Center will generate revenue to cover the cost of operations and programs through the following means:

  • Sales of tours

  • Gift shop, cafe, and juice bar

  • Food and lodging

  • Rental of facilities

  • Sponsorship and cross-promotional partnerships

  • Admission to educational exhibits, activities and events

  • Project and research grants

  • Fundraising events

  • Membership program

Our business plan predicts considerable revenue within the first five years of operation based on only a small percentage of visitors to the area attending and not considering all potential sources of revenue.

How can YOU help?


Our work is made possible by generous donors. Donate to the cause and help us ensure a sustainable future for the Ostional Refuge.


Partnering with organizations with similar goals allows us to join efforts and make a bigger difference.

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The Wildlife Conservation Association is a non-profit in Costa Rica dedicated to promoting wildlife conservation through scientific research, community engagement, and immersive educational experiences that inspire sustainable living.

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