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WCA Quarterly Newsletter (April 2024)

To our Wildlife Conservation Community,

Welcome to our latest quarterly update! What’s new in our organization since our last work newsletter in January? We’re excited to tell you in detail what we’ve been working on thanks to the support of volunteers and donors!


1st Quarter 2024 - PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS

Water Quality Program

  • Monitoring: 14 weeks of rigorous testing, analyzing 100 samples across 4 locations for Fecal coliform & Enterococcus.

  • Community Workshops: Hosted 3 impactful workshops on wastewater treatment with 33 community participants, continued to develop resources at,

  • Project Launch - Nature-based Wastewater Solutions for Nosara: With funding from Grand Challenges Canada and in collaboration with Ridge to Reefs, we will be installing and testing biogarden and compost toilet systems in Nosara in the second and third quarter of 2024

Biodiversity Program:

  • Camera Traps: 17 camera trap stations maintained and 37 deployments, exciting observations of Ocelot, Jaguarundi, Tayra, and Northern Tamandua

  • Community Workshops: Hosted 4 workshops on our camera trap and iNaturalist initiatives with 32 Harmony Hotel employees participating.

Marinelife Program

  • Turtle Monitoring: 4 volunteers conducted 38 turtle surveys and documented threats to sea turtles: 206 dogs, 156 vehicles, and 15 bonfires.

  • Community Workshop: Hosted a workshop with 21 community participants in collaboration with Pelagos Oceanos to discuss the re-installation of the marine buoy in Pelada, oceanographic data will be available at

Strategic Planning Process

Last year, we embarked on an incredible strategic planning process for the 2024-2026 period. This journey of self-analysis, critical thinking, and strategy was led by Annie Robertson, a Master in Environmental Management Candidate at Western Colorado University, who provided us with a highly valuable roadmap and guidance.

Our board members, advisors, WCA staff and volunteers were part of the process, allowing for a rich exchange of ideas and a satisfactory final product that will support our preservation efforts.

We will soon share our plans for the coming years with you!


Do you want to take the next step to make a difference?

Our memberships and partnerships are just one click away. Have you considered how your family or business could make a positive impact on the world?

We would love for you to join us on this wonderful journey in support of our wildlife! 🌿🐢💚

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