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WCA Newsletter (January 2023)

2023 Here We Come!

2022 yielded yet another year of change for us all. From record-high levels of tourism to corresponding levels of contamination in our waterways and beaches, Nosara has remained resilient through it all! The WCA is proud to work within such a close-knit and conscious community and would love to tell you about the work we accomplished this year, as well as provide a peek into what you can expect from us in 2023.


Program Updates

Water Quality

  • Our cutting-edge Water Quality Program continues to be a big success within the community, helping swimmers and surfers to stay safe and informed on water quality standards. We compare our processed samples to standards set by the World Health Organization, the US EPA and the Costa Rican national standard for fecal coliform and enterococcus bacteria.

  • In addition to weekly testing at three sites in Nosara (Nosara Rivermouth, Baker’s Beach and Palm Tree), we produced a six-month report which dispelled preconceived notions about where most pollution comes from. Spoiler: it’s not entirely from upriver. Check out the full report on our Instagram! And make sure to follow for weekly water quality updates posted every Thursday on our socials.

Biodiversity Program

  • In April of 2022, with the help of dedicated volunteers and our collaboration with the Nosara Civic Association, Harmony Hotel, Del Mar Academy, and the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge, we were able to install ten camera traps along the trails and in protected areas around town. Since then, we’ve observed numerous species and gained insight into the levels of biodiversity in one of the most populated areas of Nosara. Stay tuned for our final findings but the initial results are inspiring!

  • In June, we participated in the Nosara Environmental Festival and held a nature walk leaving from the Bioparque. We had a great turn-out and folks who brought binoculars and spotted fabulous wildlife.

  • As part of our Biodiversity Program, we encourage all citizen scientists to continue to record their observations on our iNaturalist page. This year alone we’ve observed 489 more species in the Nosara area alone. Please consider joining our iNaturalist page where you can log your own observations and compete with other citizen scientists in the area!

  • In addition to our Thousands of Turtles Tour, we frequently take groups out onto the trails to experience the area’s rich flora and fauna firsthand. Led by National Geographic Explorer Dr. Vanessa Bézy, our Nature Tours are a crowd hit.

Sustainability Series with Mango Realty

  • As part of our partnership with Mango Realty, we developed a series of info-graphics on how to build and maintain a sustainable property. After the launch of these important resources, we turned our attention to developing comprehensive Ocean Friendly and Wastewater Guides to inform sustainable living practices in Nosara. We’re very proud of this resource and encourage all community members to check it out!

  • We’re always on the lookout for new partnership opportunities that contribute to a healthier Nosara. Interested or know someone who would be interested in a partnership with the WCA? Check out our partnership page or email for more information.


What’s in store for 2023?

After a busy year, we’re motivated now more than ever to continue our community-strengthening work. As a result, we’re excited to announce the continuation of ALL programs in 2023! We're also excited to announce an added Water Quality testing site at Pelada, coming in early 2023.

And, since we are an entirely gift-funded organization, we rely on the help of our community to continue our important work. Interested in donating? Visit our webpage for more information on how to contribute to our efforts.

Do you have any ideas for work you’d like to see in our community in the next year? Go ahead reach out with your idea, we'll take care of the rest! We’re committed to building a resilient and sustainable ecosystem together, so that everyone who lives in and visits Nosara can enjoy the world-class biodiversity we know and love.

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